Call to Action:

Business Leadership in a Changing Global Climate

Climate Change

Jeff Appelquist and Jack Uldrich facilitate Call to Action: Business Leadership in a Changing Global Climate, a one-day training and strategic planning session. They begin with a dynamic one-hour presentation on climate change and its potential impact on business. Jeff and Jack firmly believe that climate change is a scientific fact, it is mostly man-made, and it is upon us. We have no time to lose in addressing this existential problem. Businesses of every size and in every industry must play an essential role in meeting the challenge. Today’s customers, shareholders and employees will demand no less.

Once they complete their presentation, Jeff and Jack will take your team through a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). What is your current carbon footprint, and where does your business want to be in the near future, and beyond? What might put you out of business from a climate perspective? We will work together to develop a mission statement and a set of core values around sustainability. We will then develop a simple strategic plan, with assigned responsibilities and clear timetables. The goal is to complete a comprehensive and workable plan to help your business survive and thrive in a changing global climate.